I LOVE YOU Meditation Course


This course is my Love Letter to You.

Activate Real Love within and elevate your Frequency to create with courage, confidence and with heartbeat of the Most High

This is a meditation Course to cultivate (Self-) Love and Compassion so that you can thrive in your creations without staying stuck in unnecessary doubts and loops of fear.

What you'll get:

  • 7 meditations (downloadable / 20-30 minutes each)
  • Topics: The Temple of Your Heart (+healthy boundaries), Dropping Old Identities, Activate Real Courage & Confidence, You are the Miracle, The Heartbeat of The One, The Ultimate Surrender and Heaven on Earth Within. 
  • Duration: Life time access / do at your own pace

You get access to the meditations immediately. :)

Price: Sliding scale $50-$111

You can pay with a credit or debit card. After your purchase you will get a notification of your purchase. 

If you have questions, write us: [email protected]

Lifetime access to the meditations.

I am looking forward to this beautiful journey with you!
Love, Vera

Love from the Participants:

This meditation course has cleansed me a lot. It has brought space and spaciousness inside of me. I feel at peace within. Even if I am interacting with others, I can rest in my heart and feel that peace inside.

This all has been lifting and changing my conciousness so beautifully that I feel blessed in every way.

I feel I have got so much good in my life from you already.

An other beautiful meditation - Wow. I really feel that God is peaking so clearly and purely through you. Wow!! Thank you thank you thank you!

I LOVE YOU - Meditation Course $50-$111