Terms and Conditions

Updated 18.12.2023

These terms and conditions apply to your dealings with Crystal Clear Consciousness TMI (the "Service Provider") in relation to your dealings with www.michaelandvera.com


The products and services of the Vera Schmid online store are sold by Kristallinkirkas Tietoisuus with business ID:3258126-8. The products and services are sold to individuals and companies of legal age. All services include VAT at 24%. Crystal Clear Consciousness reserves the right to change prices and terms of delivery.

www.michaelandvera.com is a marketplace operated by Kristallinkirkas Awareness tmi 3258126-8. The service provider reserves the right to change these terms and conditions unilaterally and without prior notice.
By using this site, we assume that you accept these terms and conditions.
By registering as a user of the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In addition, by using the Services, you accept any other guidelines and rules that may apply to the Services.

Use of Data

All information and resources provided on this site and in the services sold on this site are for educational purposes only.

All customer information will be treated confidentially. Contact information requested at the time of ordering will not be used for any purpose other than the delivery of the order or to resolve any ambiguities therein, unless otherwise specified. When you place an order, you are automatically subscribed to Vera Schmid's email list, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you wish.

Order and Payment Confirmation

After a successful checkout order, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address. To send the confirmation message, you will need to provide an email address when placing your order.

If you pay by invoice, you will receive an order confirmation when the payment has been received.

Delivery of the Product

As a rule, Master Classes, workshops, online courses and coaching are delivered immediately after the purchase and after the customer has made the payment. The exception to this is for personalized products and services (such as personal mentoring or live coaching), which start on a specific date agreed. Please note that personalized products and services must be paid for before Vera Schmid will provide access to them.

No Professional Advice

All information on this website and in the services sold on this website is intended to assist you and is in no way a substitute for professional, financial, legal or health advice.

We have done our best to ensure that the information provided on this site and in the services sold on this site is accurate and valuable.

The provider and its employees and affiliates are not responsible for errors on this site or for any harm resulting from your failure to seek help from a professional who is familiar with situations similar to your own.

It is important to understand that our focus is on people who are prepared to take full responsibility for themselves and their actions. We do not offer the services and expertise of a psychologist or psychotherapist. This site and the services offered on this site are aimed at personal empowerment and growth.

The models and techniques used in the services are drawn from a variety of sources. While you can expect them to be effective and bring about changes in your business, they are not a substitute for legal advice or professional financial advice.

Personal Responsibility

By using this site, you accept personal responsibility for your actions and their consequences. You agree to accept full responsibility for any damage you suffer when using or not using the information and technologies provided by the service provider. Use discretion and do your own due diligence before implementing any plans, recommendations or techniques provided or recommended by the Service Provider.

No Guarantee

You agree that the Provider does not guarantee any results you may obtain from implementing or not implementing plans, recommendations or techniques offered or recommended by the Provider. We provide educational resources designed to help you succeed in your life and business. Nevertheless, you recognize that your ultimate success depends on your own actions in any given situation.

You also recognize that past results are no guarantee of similar results in the future. Results obtained by other clients are no guarantee that you will obtain similar results.


This site presents testimonials from customers. Testimonials are feedback written or expressed by customers themselves about the services provided by the service provider. Although testimonials are true statements of the results obtained by these customers, these results are not necessarily typical. You acknowledge that testimonials are not a guarantee that you will get similar results from the same services.

Financial Disclaimer

From time to time, a provider may report on the financial performance of its clients. This information is obtained directly from clients and is not verified for accuracy. You acknowledge that these are not a guarantee that you will receive similar results.
Your results may vary based on your personal capacity, entrepreneurial background, skills and passion. We make no guarantee of your success. There is no guarantee that you will achieve any financial results. You bear all the financial risk. We are not responsible for your actions.


Unless otherwise stated, the provider owns the copyright to all material displayed on the site.

You do not have the right to:
Republish material posted on this site.
Re-sell, rent or license any material posted on this site.
Modify, reproduce or copy any material posted on this site.
Distribute material published on this site.
We reserve the right to require you to remove any link or specific link that redirects to this site. You agree to use the Site to immediately remove, upon request, any links to this Site.


We regularly publish promotions and offers for our services. Offers are always valid for a limited period of time. The price of your service is the price you accept when you register for the service. Service prices may also vary between new and existing customers.


Our payment intermediaries are Stripe and Vault. You can pay for your purchases by international card or invoice. You can limit the possibility to pay by invoice to certain services or price categories.

When you register with the service, you accept the payment obligation and authorise us to charge your payment card as agreed. We work with the best payment intermediaries to ensure the security of your payment gateway.

If you have agreed with a service provider to pay in installments by invoice, you agree to pay all installments as agreed. The contract for the service between you and the service provider comes into force when you pay the first installment.

By registering as a user of the services, you agree to ensure that we always have up-to-date and accurate payment information. If your payment fails and your access to the Service continues, you agree to pay the missing installment within 14 days of your request for payment from us.

We reserve the right to refuse access to any material for which we have not received a valid payment. We also reserve the right to transfer our claim to a collection agency for collection.

If you register for the Service on a pay-as-you-go basis, you agree to pay all fees due under the payment plan.

All prices include the Finnish VAT 24%.

Cancellation Policy

Our services are mainly courses and coaching, which may include a personalized component, for example in the form of a video call, where the provider answers the client's individual questions. Such services do not have a right of withdrawal. Self-paced workshops, Master Classes and online courses are not subject to cancellation. If the above are paid in installments (installment), there is also no right of cancellation.

If you have booked an individual face-to-face session, payment is made at the time of booking. Personal appointments are non-refundable after booking and payment, but you have the possibility to change the appointment 48 hours before the appointment. All personal appointments purchased must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase.

If the client wishes to change the time booked, they should contact Vera Schmid as soon as possible. Requests for changes made less than 48 hours before the booking will be accommodated to the best of our ability, but the possibility of change cannot be guaranteed.

If you have made a booking for a service with a start date in the future, the booking fee cannot be cancelled. This applies to all services provided by the service provider. If you pay a booking fee, you commit yourself to participating in the service and to paying for the entire service you have booked.

Vera Schmid reserves the right to cancel the multi-participant service if there are not enough participants. Vera Schmid will inform the participants of the cancellation in good time before the service starts.

The customer has a 14-day right of exchange and return according to the Finnish Consumer Protection Act. This 14-day period starts from the date of receipt of the product. The right of return applies only to unused and saleable physical products in their original condition and packaging (this does not apply to digital products). Digital products cannot be cancelled. Once you say yes to a program, it means a yes. 

Please note that the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act do not apply to contracts and sales between two businesses. A contract between two businesses does not have a right of return unless it is explicitly mentioned on the sales page of the service.

Customer Service
If you have any questions about your order or these terms and conditions, please contact [email protected].


Please contact the Crystal Clear Awareness team at [email protected] as soon as possible if you have any problems.


Specific conditions for downloadable digital products

The customer has the right to use the downloaded product on their computer or mobile device, and to print the product for their own use. The products are protected by copyright (held by Crystal Clear Consciousness) and the customer may not redistribute or distribute the product in any form.


Other terms and conditions

If the parties agree to reschedule the mentoring time, this agreed time must be used within 3 months of the original time booked.

If a product or service includes support for a time limit (e.g. Telegram support), the support will be considered used and the service/product fully completed when the agreed period has elapsed, regardless of how much support the customer has used. The support period and its start date is either determined by the product or service description or agreed with the customer.

Please note that online courses, Master Classes and workshops do not include face-to-face counselling unless explicitly stated.

Vera Schmid reserves the right to sell non 1:1 services (mentoring programme) on an extended basis, also afterwards. This includes, for example, the sale of live lectures afterwards as a recording.

The buyer of the service or product (the customer) and the seller of the service or product (Vera Schmid) agree to be bound by these terms.

Vera Schmid reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of order and delivery. Before placing an order, the customer must read the current terms and conditions of order and delivery. Vera Schmid will not be liable for consequential damages or damages due to force majeure. Vera Schmid is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by technical faults, maintenance or installation work, interruptions in communication or any delay, change or loss of data that may result from such faults.