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  • you seek for stability and trust within.
  • you are tired of the self-improvement techniques in order to constantly heal "something".¬†
  • there is an empty space in your heart even though you do all the meditations and spiritual practices.
  • you are yearning to deepen your relationship with God beyond religion.¬†


Hi, I'm Vera

Since I was a child I have always followed my heart, whatever it asked of me. God has been guiding me in the most miraculous ways since my early 20's.

I am an international mentor and teacher. At the core of my work is the Evolution of Consciousness and connection to God beyond religion.

My mission is to support you to bloom in your true essence so that you can live a life of True Living Light.

I have helped several hundred people to create a life of genuine prayer to God. These people's lives have been transformed to more meaning, happiness and success straight from the heart.

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Instagram: @veraschmid_
Facebook: @Vera Schmid

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