with Vera Schmid


Yes, I am IN!

You will be guided through powerful initiation steps to fully surrender to God and to create from a deep place of Peace and Rest.


Through this your perception of the world will change forever.



Welcome to this group program for spiritual growth!



This powerful portal is a high frequency container to get to know your REAL HOME.

This is a place where you can anchor your whole being into your very deepest core with God and allow safety and stability within be your new reality.

In this program, you connect the different aspects of your life into one core.

You surrender and dedicate yourself to co-creating with the Most High - letting it be the moving force in your life, relationships and work. 

You build embodied faith to the Unknown and learn to cultivate an attitude of inner rest instead of stress and hustle.


Oh, yes I want that!

What if you were living the best time of your life and blooming in your true nature? 

What if you lived with the softness of your heart and still had powerful leadership skills?

What if you created from a deep connection to God & all your life lit up the Holy fire of your Spirit?

This is the vibe in our powerful program! ;)
This is my vibe as well!

Let me guess...


You thought you would need to constantly heal¬†yourself and try to¬†‚Äúbecome a better person‚ÄĚ or to ‚Äúmake more money‚ÄĚ.

You are tired of all the practices and healing techniques...

Looks like you did not find what you searched there: Eternal Peace and connection.

When you have challenges or problem, you pray to God.

Your relationship with the unseen feels like on and off.

You cannot fully trust in God and think ‚Äúyou still need to do it yourself‚ÄĚ.

You doubt yourself and God. 


If any of this sounds familiar... Please, keep on reading!!




That you came here to live in eternal peace as a human being and there is nothing to fix.

You are it all already.

You know that all the codes of your infinite creations are within.

You know that the only way to be truly fulfilled and live your destiny is to become the one who is rooted in God.

And yes, there are Great and Big things ahead. And you cannot wait to experience them.

... And you also know if you continue the same way, your Spirit will stay thirsty to experience God.

Now, I trust...

You landed here because YOU ARE READY to become a WALKING MIRACLE and live a Spirit-led life on Earth.



  • Live and work¬†as a¬†walking¬†miracle.
  • Act from a place of¬†peace, instead of pushing.
  • Embody your¬†fullest potential¬†and expression.
  • Speak your true voice anywhere you go.
  • Know who you truly are, what¬†you are here to do, and own it.
  • Create from a place of rest inside of you.
  • Value¬†yourself¬†and your life, relationships and work¬†with every breath.
  • Be able to¬†take actions¬†that were never possible for you.
  • Experience spiritual growth like never before.

This is what you get when we open this temple space together.

“We have now been working with Vera for three months and I am amazed at what has happened in that time. My life has changed completely. Not only have I found a light, heart-centred way to create a successful business, but I have changed radically as a person. 

With Vera, I have accessed the core wounds of inadequacy and being seen that used to make my work difficult. Now my nervous system is no longer in a constant state of emergency, but I have been able to cultivate a deep sense of security and self-worth that has made my work much lighter and more fluid. 

This has also translated into tangible results in terms of increased sales. This week something incredible happened when I sold my first premium priced coaching. I would never have been able to bring myself energetically in line with such sums on my own. 

Vera's work touches my heart deeply, as Vera's authenticity, love and wisdom shines through in every meeting and every message. I am so happy that I dared to say yes to this, even though the investment was quite high.I have now already made that investment back and the changes I have experienced in my thinking and life are many times worth the investment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Vera!‚̧ԳŹ‚ú®"

Sandra from Finland
Mentor for women

In this program...




✨ You stop doodling around in life without a clear sight.

✨ You stop doubting yourself, God, your spiritual abilities and your destiny. 

‚ú® You will break limiting patterns and understand how they help you experience true freedom in God's Kingdom.

✨ Frustration turns into clear, practical steps in your life, relationships and work. 

✨ You'll find true meaning for your life.

‚ú® You will stop making decisions out of fear and scarcity and harness the power of spirit-led leadership unapologetically.

✨ You will build life, relationships work that looks like you and is not a learned model from somewhere else.





What can you expect this program to give you?


✨ Expansion and spiritual growth as a human being to allow genuine happiness, real love, limitless happiness and abundance beyond your imagination. 

‚ú® You arrive HOME in GOD - not in the mind but in your heart and in your body.

✨ You know you are a walking miracle and your life is an expression of integrity and honesty for the Highest Good of All.

✨ You enter into a co-creation with God living your destiny. You'll activate the living transmission that you are.

✨ You will leap, not only once or twice but many times. 

✨ You stand in your power unapologetically, setting healthy boundaries straight from your heart and building new energetic standards.

... + so many other wonderful things that neither of us can even guess at yet!


My heart says YES!

"I started working with Vera to get clarity on my business and to crystallise my purpose and service. I knew that this this work will be much more than e.g. business strategies etc. This work has been a liberation for my soul. ūüôŹūüíõ

While working with Vera I have grown to embody a next level frequency for myself. I have gained a lot of courage to express myself and try new things as a business owner. My confidence in life and my connection to the Highest have become stronger. Now I can feel my True Self. 

My vision has become clearer and that was one of the most important things I wanted from this work. I have received reflection, encouragement and practical tips to improve my business in different areas. 

Vera, I appreciate you very much and I am so grateful.¬† ūüôŹ"

Janita from Finland
Mentor, Yoga, NVC & CST

This program is for you if...


  • ... You are ready to drop all masks and¬†live in raw & authentic beauty.¬†
  • ... you know you were born to bring greatness to this¬†planet but¬†you are not sure what steps to take next.
  • ... you are ready for¬†spiritual quantum leaps in 2024.
  • ... you know you were¬†meant for more¬†than you are currently experiencing in your life.
  • ... you are not only looking for financial success but truly fulfilling success build from the inside out.
  • ... you are committed¬†to give your 100%¬†for¬†your spiritual growth.
  • ... you are ready 100% create only with The Most High and for the Highest Good of All¬†- without exceptions.
  • ... you are willing to invest time, energy and money in your growth.

    Note! Here we focus holistically on who you are - the inner themes and mindset of leadership, business and life. As a result, your life, relationships and work blossoms naturally. 

Let me share a little more about the vibe of our group...

True transformation begins with a genuine connection to the One and Only.

YOUR spiritual growth is the core of your life.

Are you asking yourself, "How can I serve even more out of love and presence?" or "How can I embody an eternal relationship with God in my business?"

I am here to walk with you through this beautiful journey with you. I am the one who is reminding you of your Greatest Potential that is available to you NOW.

I am here to support your growth from a frequency perspective SO THAT YOU CAN BE AN EMBODIED MIRACLE while serving living your best life with the Heaven on Earth template.


You are speaking my languge!

So good to meet you, I'm Vera


There is one sentence that has stuck with me since I was 19 as I migrated from Finland to Germany.

"The impossible is always possible. I just need to find the way."

Following this guideline, I have travelled the world while working for truly meaningful NGO’s and projects. I have followed my calling to be in the most powerful places on Earth to experience the Great Union with God himself. 
(*As I speak about God, it is not religion related.)

I have studied the most amazing subjects at University and graduated from various programs while doing only what I love and nothing else. I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them build true meaning, infinite happiness, bliss, love and success to their lives and businesses.

In the past years I have build a life and business that is a genuine prayer to the Divine. And: I have leaped, many many times. I want to support you to do the same. 

I have designed a life that has no limits in the expression of who I am and what I am here to do. 


"I came to this program because it answered the call of my soul. I wanted to deepen and understand who I really am, the core of my purpose and calling.

I also wanted to receive support and encouragement for my own life and business. 

This program has given me so much... I have become much more self-aware through Vera's inspiring way of teaching and her personal stories. I have learned to bring all the knowledge inside of me into practice in my life and business. 

I have received truly amazing guidance and support from Vera to live and my service. During this program I have created a whole new kind of soul-based business in co-creation with the Divine.

I have learned that at the root of all creation is Who I Am. The core of my calling is like a bubbling source of joy and peace that is always there and it flows through me. 

I have found myself to be a living, walking prayer of gratitude to Life."

Elsa from Finland
Spiritual Mentor and Cosmic Light Worker

ENTER THIS PROGRAM of powerful hearts...


It is time¬†to be held by the Great Grace of God¬†and create from a place of deep¬†Inner Peace and Wisdom.¬†ūüēäÔłŹ

Such beautiful creations want to express themselves through you. 
This is an intimate group of max. 8 participants so that you'll get my best support of your journey.


Are you ready?

"I came to this program because I felt stuck with my business. I wanted to have Vera as my mentor. After getting to know Vera, I quickly knew that she was the mentor for me. 

My challenge has been the fact that I am easily stressed at work and in relationships. I did not know how to run a business as a sensitive and emotional person. I've had a lack of drive and was stagnant in my business. I also needed to strengthen my own voice.

During this program I have become visible as my authentic self. Our wonderful and warm group in this program has helped me. 

I have been able to grow to embody my power and find my place in a group as well. I have learned to recognise boundaries and to cherish my own power in my work. 

Nowadays, my work is much lighter and I am more efficient. Listening to my own voice has become stronger. I've gained courage to take steps forward. 

I have learned to appreciate myself much more than before. 

Our group is filled with wonderful people and it is really rewarding to share my own things with others and to hear other’s experiences. 

Vera is a very warm, loving and supportive mentor. The support I have received has been amazing. Thank you for that!"

Aila from Finland
Energy Worker and TRE Instructor

What's inside the program?





  • This module is all about understanding where you are now in life and¬†what kind of dreams live within that have not been realized yet.
  • You will clear old habits and patterns that slow you and your system down - keep you smaller than you are.
  • You will understand and clarify your destiny and decide very clear next steps to¬†surrender for that.
  • Here we already start the step by step transformation process in a practical sense but also in your mindset towards real¬†spirit-led life.


  • This¬†whole module is dedicated to bring your human part and your Spirit into Holy Union. it is all about you becoming the Wholeness that you are as a new creation in Heaven on Earth.
  • We will bring all parts of yourself together in the most harmonius way: The child (joy), the adult (responsibility), your Self (inner knowing) and your Spirit in God.
  • This module will support you to stand fully in your power and in the power of God and unapologetically own it.
  • In this module you will unlock the code of freedom that will change the whole perception of your life and work.


  • This¬†whole module is all about understanding your gifts and tapping into the frequency of your true genius in God's eyes.¬†
  • You will bring¬†knowledge and wisdom into one package - become¬†an authentic expression of your Spirit.
  • I guide you through the initiation of¬†surrendering your life to God - you will be reborn with a new consciousness of¬†living from the Heaven on Earth template.¬†
  • You will learn to appreciate your unique expression of the One as you and though you. This will¬†align¬†your work with the Highest.¬†


  • You'll get to tap into the consciousness of eternal abundance in God's Kingdom on Earth
  • Any lack patterns from your system can melt into the Love of God.¬†
  • I will help you to¬†release old lack patterns from your family lineage.
  • Though this module you can grow from frustration to safety and instability to stability.


  • You'll bring excitement, joy and gratitude to your relationship with money.¬†
  • You'll get to align your prices with your value and what feels really good for you.
  • Here you'll get to learn what it means to live and lead from a place of integrity.
  • Cultivating an attitude towards life: Impossible is always possible.
  • This module is all about having fun in your creations with the new¬†consciousness of abundance.


  • In this module I guide you through a powerful process of releasing the old and powerfully stepping into your new life with God.
  • You'll get tangible guidance for your process of letting go.
  • You'll learn and tune into the importance of the divine preparation period as the new is not visible yet.
  • You'll step into Devotional Leadership in deep union with God.¬†


  • Now that all the "ground work" is done, it is time to enjoy the tip of the eisberg!
  • Here we go all in understanding the¬†importance of¬†"facilitation" in life and your work. Honestly, this will make a big difference in your life and in the lives of others that you get to impact by your being.
  • You'll learn about emotional intelligence in your life and in your work and how to improve it.¬†
  • You'll create stability from within in order to have safety within.
  • A new, more courageous and responsible version of you as a spiritual leader on this planet will be born!

CONTENT of the Program


1) Seven learning modules
Videos, recordings, transmissions and meditations. You can do this in your own pace. New modules will open weekly. 

(Value: 1400 euros)

2) Two monthly video calls with the group
High quality calls with the group. Includes a teaching and a hot seat mentoring that supports your spiritual growth a lot. You'll never stay alone with your questions. 

(Value: 1600 euros)

3) Telegram Community
This is THE PLACE where the miracles happen - you'll be supported by our amazing community in your everyday life

Between the calls you are supported all the time. You will have access to personal mentoring from Vera in the group at least twice weekly. With the group, you'll never be alone with your questions. 

(Value: 1600 euros)

BONUS 1: Eight powerful meditations to tune in to God inside of your heart. Available for download offline. (Value: 160 euros)

BONUS 2: Access to the Living Light Community for five months (June-October). (Value: 275 euros)

BONUS 3: One 1:1 session with me during your program. (Value: 350 euros) Only 2 spots for this!!


All together normally: 5385 euros

Now: PIF 1898 euros or 5 x 388 euros.


Let's go!!

Are you ready?

Send me a short application and then we can book a discovery call if needed.
In this application you can ask all your questions and we'll make sure that this Mastermind is a good fit for you.

Mastermind // 4 months PIF


incl. VAT.

  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls
  • Access to our exclusive Telegram Community
  • Access to 7 learning modules
  • All three bonuses (value: 785 euros)
  • Four months together

Mastermind // 4 months PP

5 x 338‚ā¨

incl. VAT.

  • Bi-weekly Zoom calls
  • Access to our exclusive Telegram Community
  • Access to 7 learning modules
  • All three bonuses (value: 785 euros)
  • Four months together


This Mastermind is a space where you can dive deep into the mystery of life, and at the same time, take things forward in practice with lightness and ease.


You bring the most authentic version of yourself to the surface and start living your best life with Grace and Real Love.

Sounds perfect!