The Elevation Channel - 4 months

Telegram Broadcast Channel for Your Evolution - 4 months access

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This is the High Frequency Radio Channel you have been waiting for!

Here we go ALL in - Real Spiritual Depth, Evolution of Your Consciousness, Spirit-led Leadership, New Earth Codes & Business Codes for a Magnificently Abundant Life, Heart-based Success ... + much more.

... I am sure you know this sentence: "You become what you surrender yourself with." 

You probably, maybe even years ago, stopped listening to most mass media channels and you have been missing a Channel that truly elevates you and nourishes your essence.

Well, Voila! Here it is: THE ELEVATION CHANNEL! 

What you'll get:

  • Daily Broadcast through Telegram App (every week, Monday through Thursday).
  • Includes transmissions to the topics mentioned above and short meditations for your daily life.
  • BONUS: Q&A once a month through Telegram (You can send your questions and I answer them).

This is a one-of-a-kind offering created for you, based on what the community has been asking for!


The duration of your container:
Immediate Access to the Elevation Channel for 4 months 

Price: $444 $388
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You can pay with a Debit or Credit Card. After your purchase, you will get a welcome email and a receipt. Your access to the Elevation Channel will open January 22nd.

FAQ: What do you mean by a Broadcast Channel?
This Broadcast Channel is a Telegram channel where you get daily voice notes from me. These voice notes are living transmissions of higher dimensional frequencies. If you are receptive to these transmitted frequencies, they can create a transformation in your whole being. 

It is like listening to higher dimensional radio that elevates your whole being.

Please note that this offer does not include any personal mentoring other than through the Q&A once a month. If you are looking for deeper support for you growth, you are welcome to join my Mastermind Group - the New Earth Leaders Gathering.

I have created this Channel based on the constant feedback from my clients who tell me how transformative my voice notes are for them. Please join us!!

FAQ: How long do I have access to the material?
You have access to the material as long as your subscription is active.

What people are saying about my voice notes:

Thank you for that message, seeing me and praising me! Your message gives me chills all over my body. ✨🙏

Thank you for your loving messages. ❤️ That glass ceiling exploded for the first time in my life now.

Wow, Vera, thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much. I have great appreciation and confidence in myself. More than ever.💎🙏❤️

Thank you Vera, important reminders. 🙏❤️ I hope that in the future I will remember your every word and let this encouragement and deep sense of tolerance be present in my life. Such good tips.

Thank you for your messages. That sentence you gave me is so good and grace is my main value. This clarified a lot!💎

Thank you so much for your messages. I felt like I got a big blessing from you through your messages and after that I was able to put into words who I am and why I am on this Earth.

Omg! Goosebumps all over my body!! Yes Yes Yes! 🔥❤️ This lands fully.

The Elevation Channel - 4 months access $388.00

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