Broadcast Channel by Vera Schmid

This is it.

A container like no other. 

And you have been called to walk into it.

Because NOW you are ready to receive it.


This is The Living Light Channel


A truly unique digital broadcast.

Daily audio offerings sent with devotion to you.

Receive these audio offerings with grace and witness an incredible transformation.

All you have to do is listen.


The power of your fullness in the eyes of God.


Listen to my transmissions with the totality of your heart.

The heart that comprehends understanding BEYOND the mind.

You will enter our LIVING LIGHT community: a Telegram group designed for beings just like YOU. Beings who are accepting the call to a divine shift in their consciousness. 

And now YOU ARE READY for that shift. 

A shift that truly ELEVATES you and nourishes your spirit. Your whole essence.

I'm SO READY To Join!

These transmissions my Devotion to the Most High.

We will delve into:

  • Building an engaging relationship with God.
  • Building a healthy and stable relationship with yourself.¬†
  • Building relationships, creations and your work from Real Love.
  • Real Spiritual Depth and multidimensional understanding from a Spirit perspective.
  • Evolution of Your Consciousness
  • + so much more...

What You Receive

  • Uplifting¬†messages and 2-3 audio transmissions¬†daily (Mon-Thurs). You can sit and meditate while listening - or listen as you walk or work.
  • Access to an exclusive Telegram channel with like-hearted people.
  • A monthly Q+A: you ask and I answer ANY and ALL of your questions in our Telegram community.
    This is normally available only in my Mastermind container.
  • Bonus: A monthly community call on zoom (teaching + meditation).
    Please note, this is not a call with hot seat mentoring (only inside the Mastermind)

There will be an integration week every month in which no new content will be posted so that you can integrate the teachings into your everyday life straight away.

Count Me IN!

What People Are Saying About The Channel


"The biggest benefit that this channel has given me is increased confidence. Trust in life and in the great power of life itself, trust that everything will work out.

Thank you for your profound presence, for seeing me deep and for new perspectives and
opening up the many levels of life.

This channel has become an important part of my day."

The Voice Of Vera

Since I was a child I have always followed my heart, whatever it asked of me.

I am an international mentor, facilitator and teacher. At the core of my programs is the Evolution of Consciousness and Spiritual Growth with God.

My mission is to support you to bloom in your essence so that you can live a life intimate Union with the One.

I have helped several hundred people to live a life of genuine prayer of gratitude for the Highest Good of all. These people's lives have been transformed to more meaning, happiness and genuine connection with God straight from the heart.

Fun fact about me: I was born in Finland, I lived many many years in Germany and currently I am in Peru.

Connect with me:
Instagram: @veraschmid_
Facebook: @Vera Schmid

Join The Living Light Channel

“After listening to your messages, I became so motivated and uplifted. It’s as if something took over my body and I knew exactly what I need to do, think, and feel in order to make the most of my days.

Thank you for finding me and for waking me up into this beautiful way of living.‚ÄĚ

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We open again in July 2024!!



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